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Adin Ross Net Worth After Kick

Adin Ross has a net worth of $40 Million. Adin Ross rose to fame through his captivating video game commentary on Twitch, showcasing remarkable prowess in Fortnite. His multifaceted approach has solidified his position as a prominent figure in both gaming and entertainment industries.

Adin Ross Net Worth After Kick is estimated at $16 Million.

What is Adin Ross Net Worth in 2024?

Adin Ross has emerged as a prominent figure in the live streaming world, amassing a substantial net worth estimated at $40 million. His rise to fame stemmed from captivating broadcasts of popular video games like “NBA 2K20” and “Grand Theft Auto V,” initially on Twitch. However, a pivotal shift occurred in early 2023 when he made a permanent move to Kick, following a ban from Twitch amidst allegations of using derogatory language, including homophobic remarks.

Ross’s influence extends beyond gaming, marked by collaborations with fellow streamers like Andrew Tate and Kai Cenat, as well as notable partnerships with hip-hop artists such as Lil Yachty and Sheck Wes. This diverse network underscores his ability to bridge entertainment realms and cultivate a distinct online presence, making him a trailblazer in the digital age of content creation.

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Early Life

Adin Ross’s journey from Boca Raton, Florida, to becoming a prominent figure in streaming is marked by a blend of determination and resilience. Born on October 11, 2000, into a Jewish family, he moved to New York City briefly before settling in Three Rivers, California, where he attended Woodlake Union High School. 

Ross’s passion for streaming took root early on, so much so that he famously skipped his high school prom to focus on building his presence on Twitch. However, his path has not been without challenges. At the age of 12, he endured a traumatic incident when he was stabbed in his sleep by a mentally unstable relative, resulting in nine stitches in his arm. Despite this setback, Ross demonstrated remarkable strength in recovering and persevering in his pursuit of streaming success.

Today, Adin Ross stands as a testament to resilience and dedication, carving out a unique niche in the digital landscape through his engaging content and vibrant personality. His story serves as inspiration to many, showcasing how passion and perseverance can triumph over adversity

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Net worth$40 million
BornOctober 11, 2000
NationalityAmerican born in Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Became a millionaire at19
OccupationsYouTuber and Twitch streamer
Sources of wealthYoutube, twitch streaming, and affiliate marketing
Asset classesStocks, cryptocurrency, real estate, and exotic cars


Adin Ross Net Worth and Earnings

Adin Ross has seen his popularity soar, and with it, his financial success has also reached impressive heights. Through strategic partnerships, lucrative brand deals, and a thriving merchandise line, he has established multiple revenue streams. Moreover, the ad revenue from his highly-viewed YouTube videos and engaging Twitch streams adds significantly to his earnings.

While the exact figure of Adin Ross’s net worth remains somewhat elusive, industry estimates suggest it ranges between $2 million to $4 million. This valuation reflects the impact of his diverse income sources and the robust fanbase that supports his content and merchandise. As he continues to expand his presence in the digital realm, Ross’s financial trajectory continues to be a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen and enduring appeal.

How much does Kick Pay Adin Ross?

When it comes to my deal with Kick, it’s all about working on my own schedule. I’m compensated hourly,” he explained casually. With a playful tease, he continued, “I can say I’m paid pretty well.” Paul inquired further, asking if it’s a five or six-figure arrangement. “It’s definitely in the five figures,” the Kick streamer confirmed, suggesting earnings ranging from $10,000 to $99,000 per hour.

Personal Life and Real Estate

In a whirlwind of high-profile moves, Adin Ross, the dynamic live streamer, not only made waves in the streaming world but also in the real estate market. Renowned for his entertaining streams alongside fellow streamer Corinna Kopf, including a memorable hot tub stream in 2021 that captivated audiences worldwide, Ross continued to grab headlines with his real estate ventures.

In a bold move in May 2022, Adin Ross acquired a stunning mansion nestled in the exclusive Hollywood Hills for a staggering $5 million. However, less than a year later, in March 2023, he surprised many by listing the same mansion for sale, initially at $5.5 million. Facing challenges that reportedly included frequent “swattings,” a dangerous prank where false emergency calls prompt police responses, Ross adjusted the listing price to $4.999 million by May 2023.

Despite the turbulent circumstances, Ross managed to secure a buyer by July 2023, marking the end of his brief ownership of the lavish Hollywood Hills property. This sequence of events not only highlighted Ross’s rapid rise in both the digital and real estate realms but also underscored the challenges and risks that can accompany sudden fame and fortune in the public eye.

Adin Ross Net Worth from Crypto and NFTs

Adin Ross, the gaming maestro, transcended conventional wealth-building paths by diving headfirst into the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Recognizing the potential of digital assets, he made substantial investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple’s XRP. Riding the waves of a fluctuating market, Ross skillfully navigated his way to impressive financial gains.

Fueling his curiosity in the digital realm, Ross delved into the vibrant universe of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). He strategically acquired coveted NFTs like CryptoPunks, some valued at over $104,345 each, solidifying his presence as a prominent player in the NFT ecosystem. His bold moves not only expanded his financial horizons but also sparked innovation and excitement within the broader NFT community.

Further cementing his position as a forward-thinking investor, Ross ventured into backing groundbreaking blockchain startups and supporting emerging NFT exchanges. These calculated investments synergistically contributed to a notable increase in his estimated net worth, which now stands at a staggering $40 million. Ross’s journey through the digital finance frontier exemplifies not only entrepreneurial acumen but also a keen foresight into the future of finance and digital assets.

Adin Ross age

Adin David Ross (born October 11, 2000) is an American internet personality and online streamer.

Adin Ross investing quotes

Build on your success

Adin Ross Net Worth

2. Invest in people

Adin Ross Net Worth

3. Lock in and grind

Adin Ross Net Worth


Adin Ross has firmly established himself as a standout figure in the realm of online content creation. With a blend of sharp wit and magnetic charisma, he has cultivated a significant fan base spanning Twitch and YouTube. His ascent in popularity has not only solidified his influence but also driven a notable increase in his net worth. This financial growth is fueled by a diverse portfolio of revenue streams including lucrative brand partnerships, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and ad revenues.

As Ross continues to captivate audiences with his engaging gaming content and infectious personality, the trajectory of his net worth promises to be a compelling narrative to watch unfold. With each new venture and milestone, he continues to redefine success in the digital age, making waves both online and beyond.

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